Students sound off on President Young

U students said Wednesday they have been satisfied with new U president Michael Young’s performance since he took office in August, and they are confident he will continue to do well.

Students had the opportunity to eat ice cream and talk with Young.

After speaking with Young for a few minutes, U senior Adam Cardwell said, “I think on a personal level he’s very approachable, very outgoing and down to earth. I think he’s been instrumental in helping us obtain state funds.”

Bryson Morgan, a student working with Young to secure legislative funds for the U, described Young’s relationship with the Legislature as being different as “night and day from what it has been in the past.”

“[Young is a] great asset to the university in sitting down with the legislators and getting money for the library and other projects,” Morgan said.

Associated Students of the University of Utah President Alex Lowe spoke highly of Young’s work with students.

“[He made] it very accessible for students to work with administrators. He’s really put student’s first.”

Young meets with student representatives every couple of weeks to assist in campus projects.

“He’s been very helpful with everything from the recreation center to recycling on campus to child care,” Lowe said.

Ossama Elshamy, president of the Muslim Student Association, said Young has helped promote tolerance.

“I think he is for religious diversity and that he will make some positive changes,” Elshamy said.

When Bernie Machen was president, he released a statement after Sept. 11 in support of Muslim students, Elshamy said, adding that he thinks Young will continue Machen’s policy of religious diversity.

Young’s outreach has included U athletic programs as well.

Matt Hansen, a student on the track team, said he likes Young and believes he was responsible for keeping the U’s track program.

“The U was planning on cutting the track program,” Hansen said. “Coach wrote a letter to Mike Young. He listened and thought about it and decided-they are a pretty good group of students that stay out of trouble.”

Young said he and Athletic Director Chris Hill did coordinate and choose to keep the track team at the U.

Presidential intern Sarah Jackson offered praise and tips for improvement for Young’s office.

“I think he’s done some good things; I think there’s some things that definitely need to be worked on,” Jackson said. “I think he needs to present himself as more available and more caring. Part of his job is seeking out the people at the school.”

Though students who work directly with Young know him well, many other U students said they are less familiar with the president.

“I don’t know much about him because I think we’re not related to him in any kind of way,” said U senior Brandon Whiting. “He doesn’t impact our lives directly.”

Young said in many cases he does not meet students because they’re staying out of trouble.

“If all goes well, you get in and out for school without being in the President’s office,” he said.

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