Letter to the Editor: The Chronicle sounds ungrateful to have the library improved


I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about the library in the “newspaper” (“Marriott Library renovation begins,” April 14).

It’s interesting that while the state is paying to renovate the library for students, all the students and The Chronicle seem to do is complain about parking issues. Why not thank the state for this great gift? Aren’t we at the U to learn? Doesn’t the library enhance that learning?

Instead of complaining about parking issues associated with the renovation, maybe we should be thankful.

The library renovation will transform it into an innovative learning center for the 21st century. The 302,000 square-foot project will provide students with new resources and equipment.

A new Electronic Education Center will add classrooms, labs and instruction support services for faculty and students. The library will also have a permanent records storage area with an Automated Records Storage System. Also, the library will safeguard and protect rare, valuable books and manuscripts, thus providing easier public access to such materials.

Sam Marsden