Letter to the Editor: Why restrict library access during crunch time?


Why is the administration beginning the major library renovation just as finals are about to begin?

I have been a student at the U for several years and would have to use both hands to list the ridiculous interruptions that have begun at the most critical time of the semester: The first library renovation (March) and the TRAX hospital extension (December) are just few.

Isn’t there someone responsible for sitting at the master switch and looking out for students? We shouldn’t start a major disruptive library expansion just as most students are going to use the library to study.

Beyond the distractingly loud construction noises, we must also put up with severely restricted parking, restricted areas in the library and workers’ plumber’s cracks.

My favorite part of the story you ran Thursday was the quote from the parking services guy, “it wasn’t our decision to take away parking.” Ha, ha, ha, yeah, Commuter Services is to be commended for its diligent efforts in the past few weeks to ensure that permit holders still have at least one space they can fight over somewhere in the 84112 zip code. Meanwhile, they’ll rake in more revenue from pay lots and parking tickets.

Also, one brief note to the Development Office: Do you really think it’s a great idea to rip apart the campus just as thousands of alumni and potential donors will come to campus to watch their loved ones graduate? Or are you going for the “we’re so poor that we can’t afford to actually care about students?”

Remember, don’t complain about it, just “roll with the punches,” and let’s all hope that the bruises won’t show up in our graduation photos.

Kelly Ann Booth

Law Student