Students on the street: What do you do to relieve stress during finals?

I eat a lot. Juicy, really cheesy artery-clogging food.Reshma DesaiFreshman, Spanish

I punch a punching bag at the HYPR building.Rus KotaroSenior, Psychology

I do a lot of stuff; I don’t know if I want them in the paper. I work out, like run on the treadmill while reading homework.Shadie GhaibiFreshman, Exercise Physiology

PlayStation (“Madden” and “Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas”) and I eat cheeseburgers.Jeremy MorseJunior, Exercise and Sport Science

I exercise, like jogging listening to hip-hop.Sarah ClowardJunior, Nursing

I smoke a bong, I guess.Braden WegesserFreshman, Biology

I go to the gym for hour-and-a-half or two hours.Justin PatrickJunior, Sociology

I play sports, like basketball, late at night.Kevin HintonSophomore, Biology

I just try to mellow out. I veg and watch TV shows, like “Seinfeld” and “Friends.”Shannon ConnorsSophomore, Communication

I date women (that goes back and forth). I take ’em to a coffee shop. That’s actually way more stressful. I’ll say I play pool.Salem HoneySophomore, Business