ROTC departments honored with several awards

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Some student members of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp received awards Thursday at the annual Tri-Service Review for their academic and military work.

Selected ROTC members from the United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force were honored with awards from the cadre who are faculty for ROTC.

“They chose the winners of all these awards based on merit,” said Cadet Ben Andrus, recipient of the Major General Michael R. Kaufman Award. “It was good to be recognized for my efforts.”

Major General Michael R. Kaufman was a former commander of Fort Douglas, and the award represents the long partnership between the U and the Army.

Andrus said he joined ROTC to become an active officer, and he will be starting his active duty at the beginning of June.

U President Michael Young, guest speaker at the ceremony, presented the President’s Cups. The awards were given to the single most outstanding member of each ROTC department.

Cadet Brad Wesley won an Army President’s Cup Award. He plans to use his leadership training from ROTC when he moves to San Antonio to attend the Medical Service Corps.

Wesley said he was honored to receive the award, especially since it was from the president of the university.

Midshipman 1st Class Glen Cook was also impressed with Young’s presence at the ceremony despite the president’s busy schedule during inauguration week.

Cook was also a winner of the President’s Cup from the Navy.

“The award really represents the work of a lot of people,” Cook said. “It was a great level of aptitude from the whole class.”

Cook, a biology major, said his work with the ROTC and school required a lot of time management, but he added that being in the ROTC has given him a lot of opportunities. Cook said he was able to work in Italy on the Garibaldi Aircraft Carrier.

He plans to enter the Navy Medical Corps at the University of Michigan after graduation.

The last recipient of the President’s Cup Award was Cadet James Haugen from the Air Force.

Another award given Thursday was the Major Jackson Howard Award, which is given in honor of Major Jackson R. Howard who died during active duty in an aircraft accident.

The award was given to Sgt. Chris Anderson, a graduating senior leader who will be commissioned in the United States Marine Corps.

The Utah Naval Captain’s Club Award is a Naval Sword symbolic of senior officers passing responsibility and authority to junior officers. This award was given to Officer Candidate John Angle.

Most of the winners of the awards said their ROTC experience has been a positive one.

“The U has a very excellent program…and [it provides] good preparation,” Andrus said.

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