Cardinals must be confused about sex

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The passing of Pope John Paul II created an opportunity for the Roman Catholic Church to distance itself from sex scandals and bring itself into the modern world where women have equal rights and unwed mothers are no longer seen as taboo. That opportunity is now gone.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, now Pope Benedict XVI, at the ripe age of 78 happens to be the oldest pope selected since the early 1700s.

The Catholic Church has had an appearance of wanting to stay in the past. Two of the biggest issues most Catholics wanted addressed before Tuesday’s selection were the ability for priests to marry and women’s role in the church.

If priests were allowed to marry, I believe it would have removed the stigma the sex scandals created. Many offshoots of Catholicism already allow their priests to get married.

Regarding the role of women in Catholicism, people often tend to relate better to those similar to themselves. Perhaps this partially explains the Catholic Church’s long tradition of the men holding the power.

In today’s society, women are viewed as equals. Unfortunately, in the world of religion, this equality has yet to come.

This pope is so old that his selection begs the question: Is this pope only a transitional figure?

Most people were aware that Pope John Paul II was in poor health and was dying for months. I have a hard time understanding why the Cardinals would select someone who will only serve a couple of years.

Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI received the new position because he is the best one for it. He clearly has the most experience.

Or are the Cardinals afraid of things to come? Eventually, the Catholic Church will have to select a non-European pope.

I believe that until priests are allowed to marry, there will be future sex scandals. The need to procreate is a strong and natural instinct. To abstain from having sex your entire life is just not natural.

Women are 50 percent of the population. It is just as imperative in religion that they are men’s equals. I am disheartened and confused with the selection of this conservative new pope.

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