Letter to the Editor: Joseph Smith did not create the LDS four standard works

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In response to Andrew Kirk’s column (“Joseph Smith Jr.’s 200th birthday deserves recognition,” April 20), I agree.

But I was reading it and something jumped out at me:

“The LDS religion is considered one of the most important American religions, and its four books of scripture, all created by Smith…”

Hold on, I went through a list in my head… Book of Mormon, OK he translated it, so close enough. Pearl of Great Price, yeah I will accept that also (it does say so at amazon.com). Then I got to the Doctrine and Covenants, written by the presidents of the church, Joseph Smith included, but includes sections written by presidents in the last 30 years (or thereabouts). And then The Holy Bible. I was astounded to come to a realization that Joseph did write the Bible (The Chrony can’t be wrong).

Brilliant! Probably my favorite book of all time, and this whole time I thought it was written, as I think is largely believed, by prophets of the old testament, and contemporaries of Christ.

“Swanson…Swenson…Oh, here it is, Samsonite, I was way off!”

Dan Young

Sophomore, Economics

Editor’s Note: The author was referring to the LDS edition of the King James Version Bible which includes Joseph Smith’s translation.