The Locust swarms Lo-Fi Caf

By By Emily Hausman and By Emily Hausman

By Emily Hausman

The members of The Locust are musical revolutionaries.

Armed with intense, intricate instrumentation, social consciousness and super-cool merchandise, the band is actively staging a coup d’tat on the conventions of the music industry.

The Locust’s music isn’t palatable to the average music fan-in a way, that’s the point-but one listen and savvy audiophiles will immediately understand the obvious brilliance of the band’s sound.

Rising from a strong hardcore scene developed in San Diego, Calif., in the early ’90s, the members of The Locust have previously been a part of numerous other influential bands such as Swing Kids, Le Shok, Cattle Decapitation and Holy Molar.

The band also has its morals: The Locust only plays all-ages shows and, like Connor Oberst, refuses to play shows promoted by Clear Channel.

Although The Locust has experienced undeniable success and maintains a devoted fan base, its members still manage to stay completely immersed in the avant-garde core underground-The Locust is not a band that bows to the mass marketing machine.

Currently signed to Anti-, a subsidiary of longtime industry outsider Epitaph Records, The Locust just released an EP on Mike Patton’s off-the-beaten-path Ipecac records.

The Locust formed in 1995. Since its inception, the band’s line-up has undergone a few changes-the current roster now includes guitarist Bobby Bray, keyboardist Joey Karam, Gabe Serbian on drums and bass player/vocalist Justin Pearson, co-owner of Three One G Records, a label hell-bent on nurturing other innovative bands couched in substance, not style.

The label is completely independent and has released music from The Locust and other groundbreaking artists such as The Blood Brothers, The Chinese Stars, Get Hustle and Moving Units.

Come see what all the noise is about this Saturday, as The Locust invades Lo-Fi Caf at 7:30 p.m. with local heavy-hitters I am Electric, Agape and Have the Girl Killed. Ticket prices are $8/$10. Brutal dudes, leave the insecticide at home.

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