Letter to the Editor: The pope deserves more respect

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In response to L.J. Lither’s column (“Cardinals must be confused about sex,” April 21): Catholicism is not a l carte.

You can’t pick and choose in a religion.

If Catholics believe they are members of a true religion, they should accept all parts of the religion.

Truth is truth, and doesn’t change. It is not relative. If the Catholic Church is true, then why would it change over time?

You are wrong to say that the Catholic Church should “modernize.” The Catholic Church is supposed to be a religious institution, not a social club.

Just because the world has opinions on what is acceptable does not mean that the Catholic Church should change its doctrine.

Your article is flippant and dismissive.

The pope, if only as the leader of a major world religion, deserves a bit more respect.

Rebecca Horst