Thumbs up, thumbs down: Columnist sketches semester’s end

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UP: The Violent Femmes are coming Tuesday to the Union as part of the Presenter’s Office Grand Kerfuffle. The big party is happening at the Union from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For those unfamiliar with the Violent Femmes, they are one of the best rock bands from the early 1980s. With songs like “Blister in the Sun” and “Kiss Off,” I can’t think of a better band to kick off a finals week from hell.

UP: Earlier this week it was made public that Spencer and Cleone Eccles have donated another $7 million for a health sciences building that will connect with the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, named after his father 50 years ago. With a long history of large donations, the Eccles family deserves all the thanks they can get from the U.

Let’s hope that this great tradition continues for years to come.

UP: The Chronicle has traditionally taken a big break in the summer, only printing once a week.

This summer, we are upping our game by publishing three issues per week. This is great because there are a whole lot of non-traditional students at the U who take classes in the summer.

DOWN: Utah County residents really, really scare me. Last week they were getting rid of bikini cuts, and now the crusade born in their county to censor movies just might clear the U.S. Congress. Censoring anything is a big problem. It seems to me that if I’m going to object to a few scenes of material in a movie, then I wouldn’t want to see that movie at all. When you start censoring movies, how far away is a fig leaf over that next cast of Michelangelo’s David?

DOWN: The Legislature finally tossed enough money our way for the Marriott Library to be renovated. Luckily, the renovation will keep us from dying when the long-overdue “big quake” hits. This week, the west side of the library found itself a new fence. Somehow, library officials don’t make the connection that any impact to parking is going to hurt the study habits of students during Finals Week. We’re a commuter campus, so parking is everything. Closing a lot that was free after 6 p.m. is going to have a huge impact on parking. It would’ve been nice if the U could’ve waited two weeks and started renovation once students were off campus.

UP: On Jan. 10 I wrote an article about finding love on campus. I promised that I would give a report as to how successful my own tips were.

I am happy to announce that I met a girl who wrote back to my column. We met in February and got engaged just last week. Just kidding. Oh well, there’s always next semester.

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