UPC presents final Crimson Nights of the academic year

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Activities of the year’s sixth and final Crimson Nights will fill the Union Friday evening.

Alicia Taase, Crimson Nights director, said the event has become so “big,” that the U’s scheduling office had to organize a committee to make sure the events were up to code.

“People just come and stay and talk to people and meet people and hang out. It’s not necessarily what is at Crimson Nights, but who is at Crimson Nights,” Taase said.

The Friday night party, in its second full year of operation, has grown. An average of 3,860 students have attended each night this academic year, compared to last year’s average of 3,633.

This Friday’s Crimson Nights will have traditional activities, including a mock casino, sumo wrestling, bowling, billiards and karaoke.

Programmers have also included some new activities, including a comedy sketch show featuring U students who auditioned for the chance to perform, a 15-minute fireworks show by the same company that shoots the glowing balls of fire over Sugarhouse Park every 4th of July, and a food fight with cakes and pies.

“They can eat them off of themselves,” Taase said.

The Freshman Council has also planned a Fear Factor competition where contestants will get the chance to eat worms, down a nasty blender concoction and dissect their way through a cow heart. As always, there are plenty of prizes to win.

Crimson Nights runs from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Tyler Peterson