Letter to the Editor: There is good news coming from the Middle East

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I am writing in response to Cara Wieser’s column (“Brilliant military moves,” April 21) concerning the performance of our military forces in the Middle East. I read her article and was surprised that I agreed with part of it. We are not hearing about any brilliant military strategies.

I must whole-heartedly disagree with her premise that there is no good news to report. As noted in the April 22 New York Post “Forlorn Hope” by Ralph Peters, not one of the terrorists’ strategies have worked. The insurgent activities have been cut in half, elections took place and a multi-ethnic government has been formed.

I suggest that if you would like to hear some good news from the Middle East you should read a Blog, or Web log, written by Arthur Chrenkoff. http://chrenkoff.blogspot.com/.

He isn’t a member of any nation’s military, in fact he was born in communist Poland and now lives in Australia. He regularly posts a series titled “Good News” that focuses on the Middle East.

You could also read first-hand accounts from many of our service men and women currently deployed. Search the Internet for MILBlog. Many now serving are keeping online diaries of what has happened, the good and the bad.

I would suggest two sites maintained by former military personnel who search out news and first hand accounts from the “sandbox” and link back to the originals, first http://mudvillegazette.com/ and http://www.blackfive.net/main/.

The news you read will tend to be upbeat and positive.

I, too, salute our men and women who are in harm’s way and thank them for the excellent job they are doing. Hooah!

Brett Lutz