Students should venture off the pop-culture path: Take a break from the Hollywood scene and go see an indie flick

I’ve recently found something new and interesting that has actually been around the entire time-independent films.

One day when the stress of life had calmed down, I sat down to find some mindless entertainment by surfing the Internet. Eventually I found a Web site that lets you watch movie trailers, so I took the opportunity to catch up with the Hollywood scene.

I viewed about nine new horror movies in a row. I guess Halloween was made a holiday to be celebrated by watching B-rated movies.

Then there were another nine flicks starring Ashton Kutcher. These trailers were about as entertaining as studying for finals.

I needed some refuge, something reasonable. So I went to the independent list.

In all honesty, some trailers were rather odd, some were foreign, some were local. Most were full of freaks, losers and things I just don’t understand. But there were some diamonds.

I wanted to see some of these films, but it wasn’t as easy as cruising down to the Gateway or Jordan Commons.

I finally found a theater on 300 South called the Broadway Centre Theatre. It operates in association with the Salt Lake Film Society.

Parking is right next door, and they validate your ticket when you see a movie. Those currently enrolled in classes can get in on a student discount.

Then I found that the Tower Theatre which also works with the Salt Lake Film Society.

Often these theaters have special screenings of lesser-known films.

Many of you won’t be surprised by this information. Like I said, all this stuff has been around for a while.

Still, it was a new experience for me, and I imagine it would be a new experience for many students out there.

I have been impressed with the films I have seen. There is, of course, a little risk-you never know what to expect from some of these independent films.

But then again, Ashton Kutcher could pop up in the middle of “Stars Wars, Episode III”-which would ruin the film faster than Jar-Jar Binks.

Take a chance to do something off the pop-culture path. You may be really glad you did.

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