Commuter Services cares about disabled students


I’d like to clarify a few misunderstandings in Andrew Kirk’s May 23 article, “Library loses five parking spaces for disabled patrons.”

The loss of the five disabled parking spaces occurred because the entire parking lot was shut down as a result of the Marriott Library construction project. Commuter Services had no part in the decision.

The loss of parking anywhere on campus is distressing to us and makes our job more difficult. When an entire parking lot is removed from the campus, it impacts everyone, including people with disabilities. Unfortunately, we can only create parking places where there is an actual parking lot.

In addition to the main premise of the article, there were other misunderstandings. The article stated that additional handicapped spaces were added during the Olympics.

This is incorrect. Before the Olympics, it was our policy to designate handicapped parking spaces based upon actual need, rather than the artificial number required by the Americans with

Disabilities Act. Consequently, parking lots in the center of campus in most instances exceeded legal requirements.

However, subsequent to a lawsuit filed against the university, Commuter Services agreed to limit the number of handicapped spaces to what is specified by ADA.

Commuter Services is committed to providing equal access to university facilities through the parking and transportation services we provide.

In addition to providing the required number of disabled parking spaces, we have two shuttles dedicated to providing door-to-door service for disabled people everywhere the campus has roads. Students, faculty and staff who qualify for this service can call 581-4189.

The facilities department is in the process of working on remediation plans to provide additional curb cuts and other pathway improvements. Students needing assistance should contact the Center for Disability Services at 581-5020, and employees should call 581-8365.

Alma Allred

Director, Commuter Services