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By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

In response to Alicia Greenleigh’s column from Weds, May 25 about parking I have a few comments. While I share the ire at and detestation of parking services, I take major exception to the complaints about staff parking. First, Ms. Greenleigh gives as her statistical defense of her opinion a 30-1 faculty to student ratio. While this statistic seems about right, the actual figures are 10.5 to 1. The intense research and complex mathematics it took to arrive at these figures was a 5 second trip to the U’s website and some 5th grade level division. Ms. Greenleigh also seems to forget the other 12,500 full and part time employees (excluding students AND faculty) that work at the U. Add in faculty, and the number climbs to 15,350. The employee to student ratio is actually 1.88 to 1. Interestingly, if one adds up the U and E permits, then divides them by the A permits, one arrives at a ratio of…1.88 to one. Hmm. That’s interesting. The ratios are exactly the same! Except, I forgot something…what about when you consider the number of students living in the dorms that don’t drive to class? I’ll forget about this number, because I haven’t figured in staffers that own reserved spaces or ride UTA. The point is, it is not nearly as off kilter as Ms Greenleigh would have us believe. If she had done a little research she would know that too. I almost forgot…those 15,350 employees of the U all pay $192 per year for their A passes just to compete for 3,300 parking spots. Or they can buy reserved spaces for between $800 and $1100 per year. We pay this just so we can come to work and support our families. I don’t know many other jobs that force their employees to PAY to come to work! THAT’S why we get to park closer…because we pay more than you do!

Ms Greenleigh, I support any effort to get Parking Services to change their stripes, but in the future get your facts straight. It is highly offensive to the 12,500 non faculty staffers that come to work every day to make this campus operate, AND have to pay to do so, to be overlooked and begrudged as you have done. Keep your anger focused where it belongs…Parking Services.

C. HillU of U Staff member AND student.