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“Cinderella Man”Directed by Ron HowardOpie and Maximus reunite for this Depression-era boxing drama. Let’s see: Sporting event…underdog…an unbelievable winning streak that gets down-on-their-luck Americans up on their feet. Hmm. No wonder one film critic lovingly dubs it “Fistbiscuit.” (PG-13)

“Lords of Dogtown”Directed by Catherine HardwickeA true-life tale of legendary skateboarders and their flowing manes. How’s this for a drinking game: Take a shot every time a boarder lands on his ass and/or begins a sentence with “duuuudebroooowiiicked.”(PG-13)

“Layer Cake”Directed by Matthew VaughnMmm…layers. It’s not a bakery confection but a British gangster drama starring Daniel Craig and directed by the producer of “Snatch.” Look out for the sequel next year: “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Cheese Danishes.” (R)

“Mysterious Skin”Directed by Gregg ArakiTwo boys are sexually molested by their softball coach-one grows up to be a gay prostitute, the other convinces himself he was just abducted by aliens…softball-playing aliens…because that makes so much sense. It is puzzling how such a mainstream film was accepted by Sundance this past year-and now it’s playing at the Broadway! Wow, they’ve really sold out. (Not Rated)

“Fear and Trembling”Directed by Alain CorneauA Belgian woman makes all sorts of cultural mistakes in Japan. This is, like, the third time I’ve written about this movie-and it’s been pushed back every damn time! Will you have me look like a fool, Salt Lake Film Society?! Despite our checkered past, I trust you this time. (Not Rated)

“Silent Waters”Directed by Sabiha SumarA Muslim woman must deal with her troubled past in the midst of 1979 Islamic nationalism. Since no one will go to this movie anyway, I’ll finish this week’s column by filling space. There, I filled it. (Not Rated)Compiled by Aaron Allen