U chemistry professor receives national honor: C. Dale Poulter elected to exclusive academy

Distinguished U chemistry professor, C. Dale Poulter, is one of seven chemists in the United States to be elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this year.

Poulter joins an exclusive group, which includes Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist,

“It is an honor for me to belong to the same academy that two heroes of mine belonged to: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson,” Poulter said.

As early as grade school, Poulter knew that he wanted to study science.

“One of my first experiences as a chemist was when I made chemical dog food. I gathered everything in my kitchen and mixed it up for the family dog,” Poulter said.

Peter Armentrout, a professor who chairs the U’s chemistry department, said it was no surprise to him that Poulter is now a member of one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious associations.

Many of Poulter’s students agree that he deserves this honor.

“He opens me up to other areas of research in biogenic chemistry that are new to me,” said Guilermo Labadie, a post-graduate chemistry student. “I am grateful to work with him.”

Poulter and other new fellows of the academy will be inducted in a ceremony at the academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 8.

The exclusive group was founded in 1780, during the American Revolution.

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