Kill the scene

Upcoming Concerts

Mon, June 6*Machinehead, It Dies Today @ Lo-Fi Caf-8:30 p.m.-$15*Hoods @ In The Venue-7:30 p.m.-$11

Wed, June 8* Drowning Pool @ Lo-Fi Caf-8 p.m.-$12/$15*J-Live, Vast Aire, C-Rayz Walz @ The Velvet Room-9 p.m.-$12/$15*Firescape @ Mo’s-7 p.m.-$7*On Broken Wings @ The Circuit-7 p.m.-$10

Thurs, June 9 * Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum @ Ego’s-9 p.m.-$8*The Building Press, I Am Electric @ Urban Lounge-10 p.m.-$6/$8

Fri, June 10*Metalhead @ The Velvet Room-10:30 p.m.-$5*Jesse Dayton @ Ego’s-9 p.m.-$8

Sat, June 11* Aqualung @ Lo-Fi Caf-7 p.m.-$8/$10*Brant Bjork @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge-9:30 p.m.-$8/$10

Sun, June 12* B-Side Players @ Ego’s-9 p.m.-$8

New Releases

Avenged Sevenfold-City of Evil- Warner Brothers Coldplay-X&Y-CapitolCountdown to Life-Govern Yourself Accordingly-New Age RecordsDeath by Stereo-Death for Life-EpitaphEsthero-Wikkid Lil’ Girrrls-Warner BrothersFat Joe-Things of that Nature-AtlanticFinch-Say Hello to Sunshine-GeffenKelly Osbourne-Sleeping in the Nothing-SanctuaryMaster P-Ghetto Bill Gates-KochModern Life is War-Witness-Deathwish, Inc.MxPx-Panic-SideonedummySecret Machines-Road Leads Where It’s Led-Warner BrothersStatic-X-Start a War-Warner BrothersCompiled by Dan Fletcher