Letter to the Editor: Using your UCard pays


In response to the June 6 article, “Bookstore to charge higher credit card fees,” there are still a number of things that can be said. Being a student, I can certainly see how many are angry over the seemingly overpriced textbooks.

While it seems textbook prices, as well as those for paraphernalia or anything else at the bookstore, are constantly high, there are options other than Beat the Bookstore or an online merchant.

Most are unaware of, or have not yet embraced, the 5 percent discount that’s available to all those that use their UCard for transactions at the bookstore.

Many make the bookstore out to be a monster corporation out to get the student, but this is hardly the case. The discount saved students more than $20,000 last year, an amount that would have gone to the bookstore.

The UCard is a simple option that is easily accessible and free to students. There are numerous deposit machines scattered around campus, as well as the UCard office located by the front desk at the Union.

As of July 1, an online depositing option will be made available on the Web site, www.ucard.utah.edu.

The site is being designed to be user and student friendly.

Eric Hu

Junior, Biology

ASUU Director of UCard