Pistons vs. Spurs: Good or bad for the NBA? (Bad – Smith)

This year’s Spurs-Pistons series, which began Thursday night, will certainly be remembered (or more likely forgotten) as the most boring NBA Finals in the history of the league.

As a result of the direction the league has gone of late, fan interest in the NBA has fallen to an all-time low.

I can’t imagine who would want to watch this defensive slugfest, devoid of any stars who are actually enjoyable to watch.

The biggest star in the Finals will certainly go down as the most underrated big man of his time, regardless of how many rings he wins.

Tim Duncan looks too much like an alien brachiosaurus to cement himself in the hearts of Americans, and his play is so mind-numbingly dull it hurts.

Duncan is the only guy in the NBA who can score 30 points and pull down 10 rebounds without anyone noticing.

His methodical style is effective, but he just doesn’t have the same appeal of a person like LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

The other “big” names of the Spurs won’t attract good ratings, either: Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker-need I say more?

In any city other than San Antonio, have you ever even met a serious Spurs fan? I haven’t.

I also haven’t met a lot of Detroit Pistons fans. The Pistons look mostly like thugs who no one would want to encounter in an alleyway, not basketball players. The Pistons’ emotional leader is a thug of the purest variety: Rasheed Wallace.

We’re talking about a guy who once received a technical foul in a McDonald’s high school All-American game.

Wallace has less control over his temper than the average Rottweiler, and he is supposed to be the Pistons’ leader.

Not only do the Pistons not have any superstars, they are a team of bullies who would rather punch and fight their way to the championship than play basketball for it.

The two teams in the Finals have already ruined the last two years of NBA Playoffs, and in the process could end up driving the league bankrupt.

NBA execs better hope LeBron James gets on a winning team, and it’d better happen soon. The Finals are not worth watching this year, so don’t even bother.

I would have stayed tuned if the Heat were there-just to see Kobe Bryant further humiliated by Shaq’s success. Oh yeah, they also have a superstar named Dwyane Wade.

There might be something wrong with the way Wade’s first name is spelled, but there’s nothing wrong with his game.

Wade is a bona fide superstar and he is fun to watch-unlike every player in the Finals.

I would have watched if the Suns were there because they score a lot of points, and Steve Nash did some incredible things this year. They also have Amare Stoudemire, who (I know this sounds sacrilegious to basketball purists) might be better than LeBron.

But instead we are left with the most pathetic of options: the Spurs against the Pistons-a piece of cowboy equipment against a car part.

It’s summertime: I would rather see the Heat and the Suns.

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