Letter to the Editor: There is good in the world


I just wanted to praise the president of the Chess Club for aiding a person in need.

My faith in the human race has been renewed. On June 7, when the rain and hail was pouring down, the president of the Chess Club went out of his way to make me a makeshift raincoat.

I am in a wheelchair and left my apartment early in the morning when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Needless to say, the weather changed drastically-go figure.

The Chess Club president enabled me to make it to my exam a little less stressed than normal. Like many others, I have testing anxiety.

I wanted to give huge kudos, thanks and a hug of gratitude to him and the ASUU department for the use of their scissors and garbage bags.

I may have looked like a fool, but at least I was dry!

Tracey Joy


Human Development and Family Studies