Letter to the Editor: Give Crimson Nights its money


I recently decided to check in with my alma mater by reading up on campus news in The Chronicle.

I was really surprised to see that the funding guaranteed for Crimson Nights has been revoked by ASUU (“Crimson Nights loses guaranteed ASUU funding,” June 24).

As one of the original students charged with creating the Crimson Nights program, it really saddens me that ASUU has decided to take a step backward and put such a valuable event in jeopardy.

This program has really helped to turn things around at the U by overcoming the “commuter campus” mentality.

Crimson Nights proved that thousands of students were willing to come back to campus for a great event. This program created a mingling among students unlike anything else ever before at the U.

I can recall countless stories of the friendships made and the love interests that were ignited that would have never been possible without Crimson Nights.

It has taken many years for the U to find an event that sparks interest in students. It is important to allow Crimson Nights to continue to evolve.

Having to fight for money every month is no way to ensure success. There can be other checks and balances put in place to ensure that ASUU has a say in how its money will be spent.

I have been in the position where the funding was not in place for Crimson Nights. We had to work very hard to get the money to put on those first events.

I urge ASUU to re-examine this new policy and come to a better solution. Crimson Nights is spurring change at the U.

Give the students what they want and what they like, not more concerts that very few care about.

Ryan Saville

Alumnus, Class of 2004