Rec Center still faces hurdles

The Recreation Center is only a fewsteps away from getting full approval.The next step is receiving approvalfrom the State Board of Regents, whichoversees the establishment of policies andprocedures in the state of Utah for highereducation.”(Passing) the Regents will be similar tothe board of trustees,” said Ali Hasnain,president of the Associated Students ofthe University of Utah.The trustees unanimously approved theproposal on June 21.”They will want to know all the detailsand want to know how we got studentfeedback,” Hasnain said.After all the board members evaluatethe information, they will cast their votes,making their decision final. Two-thirdsmust vote in favor of the project in orderfor it to pass, said Amanda Covington,communications director for the Board ofRegents.If the project receives approval, the decisionwill go before the Utah State BuildingBoard this fall, said Ken Nye of thestate’s facility construction and managementdivision.The Building Board recommends prioritiesfor present and future state buildingneeds.”We are not treating the Rec Center anydifferent than other capital development,”Assistant to President Michael YoungLaura Snow said.If approved by the Building Board, themotion will go to state Legislature.Receiving bonding approval for the RecCenter is one of the primary issues thatwill face the Legislature.In order to not receive a bad bond rating,the U must prove that they can ultimatelypay back the bond, said Jerry Basford,assistant vice president for studentaffairs.”Since the project will be paid with studentfees, that’s a pretty solid base,” hesaid. “You know how many students therewill be and you know how much they willbe paying, so you have a pretty good ideaof how much you’ll bring in.”If the amount brought in from studentfees matches or exceeds the bond payment,the university will receive a goodrating, he said.John Poelman, vice president of ASUU,said that if all of the remaining boards approvethe project, construction is expectedto begin in the spring.Poelman also said the student inputwill decide what facilities the RecreationCenter will include and its hours of operation.”If students are going to pay for it, studentsare going to own it,” he [email protected]