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“Fantastic Four”Directed by Tim Story A team of hot astronauts gains super-human powers after a big, smeary special effect zaps their space station. Mr. Fantastic can stretch, the Human Torch can burst into flames, The Thing is the human incarnation of Onyx the Pokmon and the Invisible Girl… uh, they never found out what she can do. (PG-13)

“Dark Water”Directed by Walter Salles Once upon a time, Hollywood tried to make a modern horror movie without a spooky little kid, and the screenplay mysteriously wrote the kid in itself. AAAAH! This time around, an aquaphilic ghost menaces Jennifer Connolly and her spooky kid. (PG-13)

“The Holy Girl”Directed by Lucrecia Martel A 16-year-old girl. A middle-aged doctor. Religion and sex. Gee, sounds pretty rough. If you go, cheer up yourself and the audience by starting a round of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” at the most intimate part. (R)

“Kings and Queens”Directed by Arnaud Desplechin Tragedy and comedy butt heads in this melodramatic weave of lovers, former lovers and probably a car crash. Apparently, nothing says interconnected destiny better than car accidents. Mmm! That’s good coincidence! (Not rated)

“Taxi Driver”Directed by Martin Scorsese “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to ME? Well, I’m the only one here.” Let’s hope Travis Bickle isn’t the only one there when the Tower presents Martin Scorsese’s classic about a mentally unstable and violent Vietnam vet played by Robert De Niro. (R)Compiled by Aaron Allen