Science will eventually back up homosexuality


I find Ed Stevenson’s “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…” column from Oct. 10 both offensive and illogical.

The classic line from “Seinfeld” used as a title shows his immaturity and inability to seriously approach the subject of homosexuality from an unbiased view.

I feel Stevenson has allowed his personal prejudices to skew reality.

Nobody chooses to be gay. Why would anyone, from any background, choose to live a more socially difficult lifestyle?

Stevenson is quick to bring up all sorts of psychological citations, but fails to note that he is self-contradictory.

The simple fact that no concrete, pointed scientific evidence explains homosexuality does not mean there is no such scientific reasoning. People are quick to criticize and shame the unknown, which has been proven time and again in the past. Everyone thought space travel was a mere fantasy until it actually happened, and nowadays a shuttle launch is barely even news.

The same will go for the scientific breakthrough the gay community is waiting for.

The scientific evidence and reasoning behind homosexuality are somewhat ambiguous and unclear at the moment.

It is preposterous to suggest that homosexuality is the result of environmental stimuli.

In my view, to say this would be similar to suggesting a black man in Salt Lake City has dark skin as a result of certain environmental factors in his home as a young boy.

Eventually, the right study will be done to finally give us the clear evidence we need to show unrealistic people like Stevenson that being homosexual or bisexual is far more than a simple “personal declaration,” rather a life-defining truth.

I urge Stevenson to join the rest of us here in 2005 and get over himself. He ought to also keep a distance from my home environment-I wouldn’t want him to contract homosexuality from it, as I clearly have.

Alex Tolaas

Freshman, Business