Swing, swing, swing: Dance club expands its leadership

By By Tandra Steiner

By Tandra Steiner

The U has many swingers, and they’re proud to admit it.

The Swing Dance Club began in 1997, and various students have kept it going since then. The club is now forming an official committee to help organize events.

“We are looking for people who love to dance and love swing music,” said Amy Bennett, the club’s vice president and Chronicle proofreader. “Students (who) want to meet new people and are interested in getting involved are perfect for Swing Club.”

There are currently eight members of the club’s committee, and several positions remain open thus far.

“We would like students that are dedicated and committed and able to attend the monthly committee meeting and help set up for the weekly dance,” Bennett said.

Other responsibilities may include organizing dances, advertising around campus and planning various activities.

The Swing Dance Club is well established, with more than 200 names on its e-mail contact list, and provides many opportunities to dance and learn.

The club recently hosted a live band with jazz vocalist Melissa Pace in the Union Ballroom. Proceeds went to help the club purchase sound equipment.

Every Thursday at 7 p.m., swing dances are held in the Union Ballroom or the Naval Science Building.

Beginner and intermediate lessons are conducted for the first hour and taught by Bennett, club president Evan Draper or other members.

The dances are free and no membership is required. Students need only to show up.

“It’s great socially,” said Bryson Biach, a senior business major. “It’s a different crowd, it’s a clean atmosphere, and it’s really easy to meet people.”

Meeting people is a large part of the group, and bringing a partner to swing with for the entire time is discouraged, said Melissa Avati, the club’s marketing director.

“It’s better if you don’t have the same partner; if you constantly rotate partners, you get to experience many different styles and can incorporate those styles into your own personal style,” Bennett said.

The Swing Club is open to students and members of the community of all ages as well as all experience levels.

“I wanted to learn how to dance and Swing Club was free. It taught me how to dance without any prior experience needed,” Draper said.

For updates concerning upcoming Swing Dance Club activities, students can join the e-mail list available on the club’s Web site, www.utah.edu/swing.

Students interested in being a part of the Swing Dance Club Committee should e-mail Draper at [email protected]

[email protected]