Thanks to Theta Nu Xi


I wanted to thank the Theta Nu Xi Sorority for proving that Greek Row can be about cooperation as well as mutually beneficial competition.

Along with special lecturer and Assistant Dean of Students Lori McDonald, and representatives from several university chapters, I was fortunate to attend the Multicultural Sorority’s Greek Forum held in the Union on Oct. 24.

During this meeting, participating chapters had the opportunity to share ideological, historical and literature-based insight on their fraternity (used in the original, gender-neutral context as “family”).

I would also like to express my disappointment that more chapters did not send representation and for the lack of coverage by the U press.

It is my hope that in the future students and campus groups will take an increased interest in this type of positive representation of greek life. Only with constructive actions such as these can we work to change the negative stereotypes that plague our image.

Kim M. Bowman Jr.

Senior, Gender Studies/

Political Science

Sigma Chi