Homophobia is wrong, but so is misinterpreting someone’s point

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I am writing in response to the negative replies to Samantha Ward’s letter (“Gay people cause all our problems,” Oct. 25).

Seems a lot like Hitler, eh? Sounds like the persecution of the Jews, huh?

Well, HELLO PEOPLE, the letter was a SATIRE. It was using SARCASM to highlight the current persecution of homosexuals.

Now that we’re at a university level, we are all familiar with satire, no?

See, the people that wrote back letters weren’t wrong at all. In fact, they were very correct to attack an anti-gay message, to combat the prejudice, about which Ward wrote, that is such a problem in today’s world.

But you know what? Don’t shoot the messenger. And in this case, Ward wasn’t only shot, she was massacred!

My guess is that Ward isn’t homophobic or anywhere near it. My guess is that she was using a literary technique, hyperbole, to insinuate that prejudice against gays is ABSURD.

Get it? She saw discrimination against homosexuals in today’s world and, using satire, connected it to World War II to remind us of the atrocities society will occur if we allow this prejudice to rule.

When I read the letter, I laughed out loud. You know why? Because the way we treat people with a different lifestyle from our own is ridiculous.

The way Jews and other minorities were persecuted in the 1930s and ’40s for something that shouldn’t have made a difference-much in the same way people unjustifiably persecute homosexuals these days-is horrible.

Thank you, Ward, for reminding us why discrimination should not be allowed-it can easily get out of hand.

So stop with the anti-Ward letters. She got everyone’s attention and gave a powerful message, which, through quick judgment and hasty skim reading, was very, very misunderstood.

Karla Benson

Freshman, Pre-Business