The Chronicle has it out for Greek Row


I cannot fully express my disgust that the editors of The Chronicle would go to such an effort to give a fraternity a bad name. I am not sure what it is this year, but there seem to be some issues between the paper and greek life on campus.

I don’t think there has been one week without The Chronicle bashing some sorority or fraternity. I am not upset that Aaron Hornok’s letter (“My experience with hazing,” Nov. 10) was published, but I am upset at the timing chosen and the fact that the editor thought it was so necessary to know which fraternity it was.

Hornok, who took issue with the initiation, didn’t feel it necessary to disclose in which fraternity he pledged.

I think The Chronicle needs to stop taking issue with the greeks on campus. There may be initiation rights that people don’t agree with, but the sororities and fraternities on campus perform service projects, create a great atmosphere to meet people and add tremendously to the U’s seriously lacking school spirit.

Alex Prsha

Sophomore, History