Those who participate in hazing betray their fraternity


I was truly saddened to read the letter by Aaron Hornok (“My experience with hazing,” Nov. 9). It is a shame that such activities still take place despite all the negative images of fraternities around us and the dwindling numbers of members across the country.

I am a proud member of Beta Theta Pi. Even though I graduated in 1998 from Utah State University and completed graduate school at the U in 2004, I still consider myself a member.

I remember when I first joined, the alumni would always say “Once a Beta, always a Beta,” and back then in my immature freshman year, I thought that was kinda cheesy! All I wanted was an affiliation to a big-name fraternity on my rsum.

Yet, weeks, months and years went by. And I can honestly say that my best college memories and some of my closest and dearest friends are my fraternity brothers. We stay in touch, support each other through hard times and celebrate successes and joyous occasions such as graduations, weddings, new kids, etc.

When I came out of the closet, my fraternity brothers were the first people I told. Their kindness and support was amazing.Here they were, these “frat boys” who are stereotyped as bunch of insensitive, dumb guys that only care about partying-and yet they acted with maturity, displaying total and unconditional acceptance, love and fidelity.

I know from first-hand experience that all fraternities reiterate concepts of good citizenship. Many of our alumni are some of the most prominent and benevolent members of this community. So next time you think about hazing-think twice. That is NOT what your fraternity teaches you to do!

Ara Serjoie