Muir misconstrued BYU student’s statements


I am an avid U fan. I know every word to the Utah Man fight song, I took a 32-hour bus trip to Memphis, Tenn., for the Liberty Bowl, and I was a member of the MUSS, as well as numerous other organizations at the U. I enjoyed my undergraduate years at the U immensely. I am, however, embarrassed by the degree of negativity displayed by Patrick Muir in his article on the U underground at BYU (“BYU’s U underground revealed,” Nov. 17).

Leave it to zealous journalists to misconstrue statements in an effort to spin a story. Yes, coming to BYU for graduate school has been a difficult transition, but I am glad that I am here and have been impressed by the quality of education. I admitted to Muir, and will admit again, that I have easily made more negative comments about BYU than I’ve heard about the U since being here.

I enjoy the rivalry, and I always wear my red proudly. I was not proud, however, of being connected with such a malicious portrayal of BYU. I will continue to wear red on every game day, but I will not portray an incorrect image. There are fanatics on both side of the fence, and there are also avid fans that enjoy friendly banter and rivalry. I would hope to be connected with the latter.

Charlotte Tyler