The Chronicle’s View: Thumbs up, thumbs down: The week in review

As you can probably tell, The Chronicle’s staff is also excited to get out of here and get on with our Thanksgiving festivities. Thus, we are providing you, our readers, with a run-down of some events on campus this week and The Chronicle’s knee-jerk reactions to them.

Emerald Bowl: Thumbs Up

Despite a so-so season, the U’s football team has been invited to play in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco on Dec. 29.

Considering the location of the bowl, it’s a good thing that the helmets and jerseys of our team’s uniforms no longer clash.

Thanksgiving in the dorms:

Thumbs Down

The prospect of spending Thanksgiving in the dorms is already bleak enough, so why does Chartwells have to shut everything down and force already-depressed and lonely students to find sustenance elsewhere?

College Republicans reunite:

Thumbs Down

While it would have been nice to congratulate the two separate groups of College Republicans at the U on their ability to resolve their ideological differences, the reunification of this group has less to do with compromise and more to do with the fact that one group did not reform. Reunification by default is not exactly something to brag about.

Campaign management minor offered: Thumbs Up

Administrators are to be commended for expanding educational opportunities at the U. The addition of this minor will also help diversify those in the political science department, a discipline that already covers a very broad range of subjects. Now political science majors might have an alternative future besides a lackluster law school application.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s Game Ball Run:

Thumbs Up

Members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity donated their time and effort and raised about $15,000 for a kid’s cancer camp. In addition to helping children, the Pikes provided a nice boost of school spirit during Rivalry Week.

Cure for the Cold fund-raiser:

Thumbs Down

Unlike the Pike Game Ball Run, this fund-raiser was not particularly successful. If students want to organize events, they would be well advised to focus more on success and less on good intentions. If organizers had gone out and gotten jobs, then donated the wages earned during the time they spent planning this event, they likely would have made more money for their philanthropy.

Homeless Shelter Service Project:

Thumbs Up

Service is always a good thing, but this service project was particularly beneficial, as it brought university students into direct contact with those they were serving. This sort of service not only helps those benefiting from it, but it provides an eye-opening experience to those participating.