Muir isn’t good enough-morally or intellectually


I just got done reading Patrick Muir’s “Converting to Utahism” in the Rivalry Guide (Nov. 16), and I think it is really funny.

Muir, are you sure you are LDS? You have so much hatred toward a school that did not do anything to you-but most likely did not accept you because you know it is a lot harder to get in up here than at the U. And why are you so excited that TCU beat BYU? Utah lost that game by more points than BYU.

For the girls out here, it’s funny that you had to walk around to find a few ugly girls when I bet it took you a lot longer to find some hot girls at Utah. Why does that matter anyways? Are you that shallow that you can only think of looks?

You know, the people in your mission were right-don’t lose that testimony. Hatred is of the devil, and you have more hatred than an LDS man should, so you need to look in the mirror and take a good look at yourself.

LDS movies are funny-can you not take a joke? And to suggest that the prophet should ban them.

Maybe he should tell people not to hate. Oh wait. He has already said that.

As for the honor code, did you live those on your mission? Did it make you a better person?

OK, they do things out here for a reason, and that’s fine that you do not like it. You don’t go to BYU. You’re not good enough.

Marcee Hilton