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“Aeon Flux”

Directed by Karyn Kusama

You win an Oscar, only to be cast in a big-budget, Hollywood debacle, to which the critics respond, “Give back your Oscar!” It’s a thankless cycle. Charlize Theron stars in this big-budget, Hollywood debacle-er, I mean-sci-fi flick. With a title that sounds like a New-Age workout tape, Charlize is gonna have to hold on extra tight to that little golden man. (PG-13)

“First Descent”

Directed by Kemp Curly and Kevin Harrison

It’s a chilling, thrilling documentary about the rise of snowboarding, with plenty of bone-crunching biffs in the snow, no doubt. Arrive at the theater early-everyone and his “dawg” will be there. (PG-13)

“Ballets Russes”

Directed by Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine

World War II-era Londoners delight at a troupe of Russian refugees-turned-ballerinas in this documentary, full of black-and-white archival footage.

“Ballet?” “Documentary?” “Black-and-white archival footage?” Throw in subtitles, and you’re sure to pack the house Friday night. (NR)

“Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Directed by Henry Selick

“Kidnap Sandy Claws?” Sure, why not? Kidnap your own, jolly fat man and bring him to the Tower this weekend to see Tim Burton’s stop-motion classic-perfect for Halloween and Christmas viewing! Behold, my one stone and the two birds it has killed! (PG)

Compiled by Aaron Allen