Buy Chartwells food at your own risk


I am pleased to see that Chartwells has received high marks in sanitation (“Campus food services gains high marks in sanitation,” Dec. 1). However, I propose that Chartwells’ management be more diligent of the standards of their food handlers-they got lucky this time.

A few months ago, as I was ready to order a sandwich, I observed the worker at the sandwich counter cleaning his work area with a rag, shaking the food particles from the rag into the nearby garbage bin, moving the garbage bin to another area, and then asking me for my order. I had to tell him to change his gloves before touching any food, to which he responded with a glare!

Regretfully, I didn’t concern myself with the return of that rag to the same food preparation counter after it had touched the garbage bin! I am now much more wary of ordering any food at Chartwells. Caveat Emptor.

Jeff Pollock