Patrick Muir is sexist, obnoxious, immoral and dumb


To Patrick Muir and the editors responsible for him, I read your column (“Peeping Tom,” Dec. 2), and you have confused being obnoxious with being funny.

“Ugly girls (don’t) count,” do they? So The Daily Utah Chronicle is a sexist publication, is it? And, what, Muir, is uglier than your adolescent invective?

I do not belong to this half of the country, much less to this state, so I could ignore your unending, petty jabs about your petty football rivalry. (Even though, as a Michigan alumnus, I might snicker at the suggestion that Utah beating Pitt last year made your football season “historic.” Why don’t the Utes try playing the Horseshoe or Beaver Stadium sometime?)

But if I were you, I wouldn’t make blanket statements about the status of the virginity of the BYU student body, because it really only comes off as a statement on the status of your own virtue. Hopefully you’re not so puerile that that doesn’t mean anything to you.

So for the sake of those of us who are about to turn our backs on The Chronicle because of asinine columns like yours that “push the envelope” (in the words of your own editors), give it a rest.

I don’t suppose this letter will elicit any response from you, but if it happens to occur to you to attempt to call me out with more of your obnoxious drivel, spare yourself the effort. I have been called out by smarter people than you.

Chris Schwartz

Graduate Student, Meteorology