Rock the dreidel of love: The LeeVees keep the melodies kosher on new album

The LeeVees

Hanukkah Rocks

Reprise Records

Four out of five Stars of David

Stop your kvetching, there is a new Sandler in town! For once, Jews have some music to be proud of.

No more “Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin,” or even worse, “The Chanukah Song.”

Now there is no reason for Jews to feel ferklempt every time the facacta “Jingle Bell Rock” blares on the radio. No, there is new Jew rock in town!

It all started when two meshunginas had a cholem. Adam Gardner (Guster) and Dave Schneider (The Zambonis) had the chochmeh to make a rock album entirely of Hanukkah songs. Some may say that an entire album devoted to Hanukkah is ongapatchka, but the truth is quite the opposite-one album isn’t enough!

The LeeVees aptly titled debut album, Hanukkah Rocks, boasts tracks: “Gelt Melts,” “Applesauce vs. Sour Cream” and “Latke Clan.” Upon hearing the track names, many may be schvitzing, but The LeeVees are nowhere near as big of an embarassment to Jews as Adam Sandler. These songs do not rely on their kitsch value to entertain: Each track boasts genuine musical ability that will even keep your goy friends entertained.

Adam and Dave did a mitzvah for Jews everywhere. I am so excited I could plotz! Mazel tov!

Dana Green