Go see ‘Brokeback’ for yourself


Even though I said I wouldn’t go see “Brokeback Mountain,” I did-and I would urge Larry Miller and every other straight male (like myself) to go see it for himself. It’s an unforgettable, powerful and harshly beautiful drama.

It’s really not about sex (one brief fumbling in the dark and a couple kiss scenes). Just as my mistaken knee-jerk reaction was not to see the movie, Miller should admit that his knee-jerk reaction in banning the movie was a major mistake for many reasons, including its being an attack on our right to free choice. Wealthy Americans must avoid acting?like the rulers of Iran.

The film forces you to try to see the world from the perspective of ?somebody else. And what’s wrong with that? It certainly does not glamorize homosexuality.

If Miller is not a bigot, then he can easily prove it by restoring the movie to Jordan Commons. If he doesn’t, I will make every effort not to patronize any of his businesses ever again, for what it’s worth.

I love Jordan Commons, but there are other theaters out there. Come on, Miller, do the right thing.

Roger E. Carrier?Alumnus