Props to ASUU for advertising elections


I would like to thank the members of the Associated Students of the University of Utah for the vast improvement they’ve made this year- with large advertisements in The Daily Utah Chronicle, they’re informing aspiring student leaders of the upcoming elections filing deadline before it passes.

This is a great change from previous years and must be commended.

For you aspiring politicians: Go to the ASUU office in the Union to file for the elections by Jan. 27?(for Party, President, VP and Senior Class President) or Feb. 3 (for Senate or Assembly), and don’t forget your checkbook. Also, please don’t use those hideous, neon pink or orange colors from recent years.??For everybody else, consider this notice of the horrors that await you. I particularly like the “Elections Are Coming” graphic on the ASUU Web site,?

Sadly, neither Ben Yang nor I will be here to enjoy the proceedings, so we’re hoping that somebody will step up to fill our shoes.

If you’re interested in carrying on our legacy, send an e-mail [email protected], and we’ll tell you everything we know about how to successfully lose an election.?Good luck!

Steven Paradise?AlumnusASUU Vice Presidential CandidateNone of the Above Party (2005)