Be polite when bothering people


Every semester, we are harassed by all kinds of people offering everything from spiritual books to pamphlets that end up in the next trashcan.

But yesterday, something different happened. As I was on my way to the bookstore, with a million things in my head due to my ADD, such as making sure I didn’t slip on the ice and checking that I wasn’t about to run into someone, I saw this girl giving out pamphlets.

I thought, “Great, what the hell are people offering me NOW?” I did not bother looking at the person, but heard a very charismatic voice say, “Would you like a pamphlet on animal brutality?”

After replying, “No, thank you,” and going on my way, she replied with, “Have a nice day!”?

Being so concentrated on what I was doing, it took me a while to register what just happened. Someone standing in the cold had actually been that nice while I completely ignored her.

I just wanted to say to whoever was giving out those pamphlets around 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning that you made a bigger impact on me by being this way than just about every poster, pamphlet, magazine, video or whatever about animal brutality that has been shoved in my face.

It’s not the fact she just said, “Have a nice day,” but HOW it was done. You can tell when someone means something.

I really would appreciate if everyone that will be shoving all kinds of things in my face during the elections propaganda time took people like her as examples-and respected that some people are simply not interested.

Luis AlvesSophomore, Mechanical engineering