Republicans are destroying America


Regarding Jessie Fawson’s column (“Both parties are prone to corruption, and the GOP has done great things,” Jan. 23), I’m glad to see she was able to swallow the Republican talking points so well that she can spit them right back out; I’m surprised she left out, “It’s all Clinton’s fault!”

The Abramoff scandal is a Republican scandal-lock, stock and proverbial barrel. Some of his clients might have given money to Democrats, but old Jack himself was a tried and true Republican, former president of the Young Republicans, BFF with Karl Rove. He never gave one thin dime to any Democrat. To say otherwise is, quite simply, a lie.

What else? Bush’s approval ratings are once again seeking their natural level-30 percent of Americans think he’s sent by God and would support him even if he sacrificed a baby to Moloch on Fox News.

The biggest laugh came from Fawson’s statement: “…our actions in Iraq prove beneficial to the Iraqi people.”

Whom do our actions benefit? Families killed by stray bombs? People who live with four hours of electricity a day? Women who had more freedom under Saddam than any other Muslim country and will now be forced to live under Sharia law by the new theocratic government that we fostered?

Wait! Here’s who benefited: al-Qaida, which now gets to train terrorists in an urban environment, thanks to Dubya.

Next, “the recession is ending.” If you’re Paris Hilton or Bill Gates, why, the economy is just peachy!

But if you’re one of the tens of thousands of unemployed because your job was outsourced, or a senior trying to decide between food and medicine or a student who now can’t get a loan, things don’t look quite so rosy. ?Yes, there are bad apples in the Democratic Party. But the Republicans under Bush and his minions have created a staggeringly corrupt-not to mention breathtakingly incompetent!-“government” that could bring down the whole structure of the American way of life. Heckuva job, Bushie!

R. Dale Webb?Alumnus