Women are not automatically more peaceful than men


Eric Vogeler’s column (“Anything a guy can do, a girl can do better,” Jan. 31) had quite a bit of rubbish in it. If ?women ruled the world, I doubt we’d have significantly more or less war. ?

Just take a stroll through history: Isabella of Castile, a former Queen of?Spain, actually helped establish the Inquisition. Cleopatra was the one to finance Anthony’s war.

Queen Elizabeth I of England continued long wars. Nzinga, an Angolan Queen, organized a guerilla army and conquered Matamba. “The Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher, a prime minister of England, went to war over a dispute with Argentina.

Just because a ruler is a woman, it doesn’t mean she won’t go to war. It is a romantic notion that there would be fewer wars if women were more directly in charge.

There have been excellent male and female rulers and ?also poor ones. The two genders behave differently because of the differences in the brain and hormones; however, both genders are still human and subject to all the accompanying flaws.

Josh KaggieSenior, Physics