Passenger assaults man at TRAX station

Nickolaus Holgate was booked into jail yesterday afternoon for aggravated assault against a 32-year-old male on campus at the Stadium TRAX station platform around 1:30 p.m.

An ambulance transported the victim to the U Hospital for cuts and bruises on the face, said Sgt. Lynn Rohland, spokesperson for U police.

The attack might be the most vicious in recent memory on Utah Transit Authority property, said UTA spokesperson Justin Jones.

“We average between one and two simple assaults a month on all UTA, including six counties along the Wasatch front, and none has been this serious,” he said.

Yellow tape surrounded an area about the circumference of a shuttle bus where several palm-sized pools of blood and dozens of quarter-sized blood spots stained the cement adjacent to the benches on the northwest section of the platform.

UTA employee Tony Funaro arrived on the scene around 3:30 p.m. and was left to keep people from walking through the blood-spattered area until it could be cleaned and sanitized.

The suspect boarded TRAX after the assault and rode to the Gallivan Center, where he switched to a southbound train.

Salt Lake City police and UTA police requested that the train stop with locked doors near the Courthouse station. Police then boarded the train and arrested two men, Jones said.

Holgate was booked into jail for a third-degree felony and the other man was questioned and released, Rohland said. Their relationship, if any, is not known.

The victim is not a student, staff or faculty member at the U, Rohland said.

Holgate is also not listed in the U directory as being affiliated with the school in any way.

Andrew Kirk