UPC names new executive director

The Union Programming Council named Eric Hu as its new executive director Wednesday, March 1.

The UPC is responsible for such events as Crimson Nights, Friday Night Live and Pazoovie nights.

“UPC has found the key to success to break through the commuter mold on this campus, and I think it can continue to do so,” Hu said.

He is already at work looking for six students to be next year’s UPC directors. Applications can be picked up in the UPC office in the Union building and are due March 10.

“I hope people from all over campus apply. I’d love to see 20 people apply for every position,” Hu said.

Students receive a nine-to-12 credit tuition stipend for their employment.

“I’m excited about having Eric as the new director. He has a lot of ambition and desire to carry on the position,” said Tarina Freimann, UPC executive director.

The budget for the UPC has stayed stagnant for the past seven years at $88,000, but the organization has continued to increase its programming to include an X-Box tournament and benefit concert this year.

“A big strength this year is that we grew outward toward other organizations by getting student groups involved, especially in Crimson Nights,” Freimann said.

Since Summer Semester 2005, Hu has worked as the UCard director for the student government. He also worked as an associate director for Crimson Nights for two years and is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.