BYU is a communist institution


In his letter to the editor (“Proponents of hard-waiver health insurance are communists,” March 2), Kellen Wilson alerts us to a communist plot involving liberals who wish to force him to purchase health insurance.

I suggest that Wilson transfer to a university that doesn’t require health insurance. I recommend BYU.

But wait a minute. BYU has been requiring all students to have health insurance since 1989, as letter-writer Rick Warne pointed out (“Mandatory health insurance is socially responsible,” March 2).

Actually, Wilson would do well to forget my recommendation.

Instead, I recommend that he quit school and work toward bringing those radical BYU liberals to renounce communism and allow students to take courses without health insurance. We have to stop the domino effect of communism affecting Utah universities before it’s too late!

Is there no safe place from the evils of communism?

Jeff Hullinger?Staff