Greeks show strong support in ASUU elections

Greeks are less than 3 percent of the student population, but they constitute 31 percent of the candidates in the Associated Students of the University of Utah elections.

Jake Kirkham and Toby Collett, presidential and vice presidential candidate of the BLOC Party, respectively, are members of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and Lindsey Sine, presidential candidate of the Big Idea Party, is a member of the Chi Omega sorority.

“Greek life gets students involved in their chapter leadership, which is a great way to build leadership skills and build confidence,” said Lori McDonald, U greek adviser. “It is natural for them to look outside of their chapter to continue that.”

Greek national organizations encourage members to get involved on campus and allow students running in campaigns to miss meetings, McDonald said.

Members of Greek Row have dominated in the presidential race, winning four of the last five elections. A member of Sigma Chi has won three of them.

Both parties agreed that the greek students’ support is important to winning the elections.

“They are strong support. They get things moving, and they get things going, and I think they are a very important part of campus,” said Mindy Chidester, senior class presidential candidate for the BLOC Party.

“It was very important for me to go around to the houses on Greek Row and let them know that I support the greek community fully,” Sine said.

The greek chapters are the only group specifically mentioned in the Big Idea Party’s platform, which states:

“Greek Row is such an amazing part of our campus that is rich in tradition. ASUU needs to support every house in the greek system, and help them increase their membership numbers.”

With the exception of the MUSS and the Union Programming Council, the greek chapters are also the only student group specifically mentioned in the BLOC Party’s platform, which states:

“As members of the greek community, we understand the importance of a greek presence on campus?Our administration will be an advocate of Greek Row, and we will assist the greek community in their advertising efforts.”

The BLOC Party recruited 37 percent of its candidates from greek houses while the Big Idea Party recruited 25 percent.

“Greek life is a way to get to know so many people, and I think filling a ticket?is less challenging when you know so many people on campus,” McDonald said.