People who criticize campaigners are idiots


In light of the recent events following the two parties running for ASUU office this year, I would like to comment to the naysayers who say nay to the “stupid” or “annoying” or even perhaps “unethical” candidates or campaigns of this Spring Semester.

It is interesting how so many concerned people are writing in and telling how stupid, annoying, unethical and terrible these people are without providing any sort of evidence or factual data to back up their opinions. I am here to say that the opinions of recent days are hearsay and nonsense.

Where then is my evidence? As a former campaign coordinator of the Big Idea Party who is now affiliated with the BLOC Party, I am able to repeat in saying that the vague and ambiguous accusations against any campaign or candidate as being unethical, stupid or annoying are completely false and misleading. The only thing that is annoying about these campaigns is the ignoramuses that write in to The Chronicle.

So what’s the big idea, anyway? Aren’t such issues such as diversity, student group funding, and ASUU spending and organization normal topics that come up every year any way? Yes, big ideas, but very old ones; not to mention the fact that both campaign parties share these views and concerns, anyway.

Neither party has attempted to deal unethically, whether in financial disclosure or overall campaign strategy, to gain an unlawful or sneaky advantage over the other-to think so would be self-deceiving and dishonest.

So let the best man win! I would encourage all to investigate and research as I have done to better inform ourselves as voters and mature adults. Thank you.

Jonathan HarmanJunior, Political ScienceBLOC Party Core Committee