Wilson needs to realize his 15 minutes are up


I hate to beat a dead horse with this whole Kellen Wilson situation, and I normally don’t write my opinions too often-but at this time I feel it very necessary to intervene.

I am not going to argue any of your points or anything because we all know how effective that really is. My friend?you have spanned two semesters of submitting your opinions an infinite number of times. At this point, it comes down to beyond recognition of your 15 minutes of fame being up. It is kind of like trying to resurface the old slang we heard in the early ’90s or something.

Even our old friend Gordon “Deep Throat” Swift has stopped. He didn’t cross over to the next semester with countless opinion messages. He knew his time and moved on.

It seems as though since you have been labeled a nuisance, you are just using it to your advantage and continuing to plague us with your opinions. I do believe in free speech, but let’s not abuse the system too much and we can all get along a lot better.

Shane Parry? Junior, Sociology