The hard waiver hurts students


I am writing in response to Eric Vogeler’s column (“Health-care crisis,” March 9).

Has Vogeler actually talked to a student who would be affected by a hard waiver? If not, here is a student in your college, Vogeler, letting you know what I think of it as an uninsured student.

Did you know that the cost of the university health-care plan is around $300-400 A MONTH? Take me, a married student whose husband has recently had back surgery. We can’t be insured by IHC or other similar health-care providers and, believe me, we have tried.

We looked into the state’s uninsured pool, but that is for chronically ill people and at the lowest price is around $200 per person.

So, say we decided to use the university’s health-care plan or the state’s, for that matter. Between that and rent, we would have no more money for food or gas.

So great, adopt a hard waiver plan and make me and my husband decide between eating and going to school-because we won’t be able to do both. But thanks anyway for telling me that it is for my own good.

Cara Owen?Junior, Political Science/International Studies