ASUU just wants K-UTE to improve, better serve students


We are writing in regard to the recent editorial (“ASUU: Hands off KUTE,” March 21) to supplement the story regarding the relationship of ASUU to KUTE, the U’s student radio station.

We are fully aware of and appreciate arguments suggesting the value of independent media outlets, whether they are on campus or across the nation.

While we agree with this theoretical discussion in principle, it is not practically applied in this situation. ASUU funds thousands of dollars of student fees for a student radio station with relatively no return for students.

Statistics compiled via the KUTE Web site suggest that a very small population logs in to listen. Of those listeners, many are not U students. It would be a wonder as to how many students reading this have actually listened to KUTE.

However, we would not debate the potential and importance of a functioning student station on campus. But under the circumstances, that potential is not being realized.

ASUU currently has the resources in place (marketing, staff assistance, Web master, etc.) to allow the station to grow, regardless of whether or not a higher air frequency is ever realized.

By striking the redundancy of resources, we would save at least $9,000 in student fees every year.

Finally, while one may see this as a takeover for the sake of propaganda, the intention of ASUU is to utilize KUTE as a communication arm for students, not to strong-arm our opinions. The focus would be on music, spotlighting and broadcasting campus events and the promotion of student groups. This is the purpose of ASUU, which aligns appropriately with the purpose of KUTE.

Our hope is that KUTE will choose to utilize ASUU as a setting in which to flourish before branching off into independence. The accountability, however, of $15,000 a year or what has historically been as high as $24,000 a year to the station needs immediate attention and revision, and we as elected representatives feel responsible to make this change.

Ali HasnainASUU President

John PoelmanASUU Vice President